About Us

Get to know e.lective GmbH and its values in more detail.

About Us

Success is a team affair

We are an ambitious e-mobility company based in Berlin and Wolfsburg, which is primarily active in the research and development of high-voltage control units in the automotive industry. Since our founding in 2014, we have been advising clients from the Volkswagen Group environment in the area of automotive system project management and carrying out complex development projects on an autonomous basis. Together with over 50 employees, we are shaping the mobility of tomorrow.



In 2008, Andreas Mattick, CEO of e.lective GmbH, entered the automotive project business as a freelancer. In 2014, e.lective GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Andreas Mattick and Daniel Siede. The company’s competences focused on development support along with business intelligence. In 2019, e.lective GmbH & Co. KG was demerged into e.lective GmbH and e.lective IT GmbH. Although the founders decided to focus on their respective core competences by establishing independent companies, the CEOs and their businesses remained strong partners.

Norms and values

Our philosophy

Four core value principles form the basis for our characteristic service and corporate culture.

Customer satisfaction

Customer concerns take first priority and are therefore the focus of our daily work.


As competent partners for comprehensive projects, we fulfill our promises at all times.

Drive for innovation

Our team always strives to think outside the box. We move the mobility market!


An energy concept of the future without electromobility? Future technology is what drives us.
"E-mobility is on the rise. Unstoppable."
Herbert Diess, Volkswagen

Self-organization and entrepreneurial thinking

Our organization


At e.lective, we nurture a corporate structure with flat hierarchies. Our strong growth over the last year and the ever-increasing relevance of agile approaches such as Automotive SPICE gave us the occasion to further professionalize our organizational structure.

In light of the VUCA world and Work 4.0, our organizational structure has since been characterized by self-organization, small teams in specific disciplines, and the lateral leadership of our unit leaders. Our departments reflect the basic thematic areas of our assignments. The e.lective organizational structure is shaped by the approaches of the Spotify model and enables us to leverage our potential in terms of knowledge management as well as to react agile to changes in the project business.

Our employees are perfectly equipped to prioritize their tasks. Change is not perceived as a inevitable evil, but rather as an opportunity for a more favorable outcome. e.lective and its employees set a straight focus on entrepreneurial thinking and behavior, productivity increase as well as optimization of results – for our customers and for ourselves.

Based on our cross-hierarchical and cross-functional corporate culture of trust, we have been able to establish a rewarding feedback culture.

Our values are mirrored in the way we work.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Based on our distinctive consulting competence and our structured approach following the V-model, our customers benefit from tailor-made solutions.

A glimpse behind the scenes

Our team

As a young team we live a friendly corporate culture with flat hierarchies. As an employee, you can look forward to an atmosphere in which we communicate at eye level and gratefully integrate new ideas and feedback into our daily routine. The foosball table stands for the lively togetherness at e.lective. We see our regular after-work events, summer parties and Christmas parties as well as practice events as an indispensable part of team building.