About Us

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About Us

Success is a team affair

For more than 10 years, e.lective has been working on technological solutions for electromobility and, with its more than 50 employees, is a specialist in the technical development support of high-voltage and low-voltage components. At our locations in Berlin and Wolfsburg, we carry out complex development projects on our own responsibility.

We ensure that technological change shapes the electrified future of tomorrow. Major automotive manufacturers and suppliers rely on our expertise in automotive project management – from requirements management to series production readiness – and beyond.



In 2008, Andreas Mattick, CEO of e.lective GmbH, entered the automotive project business as a freelancer. In 2014, e.lective GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Andreas Mattick and Daniel Siede. In addition to development support, the company’s competencies also focused on business intelligence. In 2019, the founders decided

to focus even more intensively on their respective core competencies

and to go their separate ways.

To exploit synergy effects.

the respective companies cooperate with each other.

Our Mission Statement

Self-organization and entrepreneurial thinking


Our organizational structure is characterized by flat hierarchies, short distances and a lively feedback culture. We attach great importance to a fair and familiar atmosphere in a challenging project environment. Just as important to us as professional expertise through lifelong learning is the personal responsibility and success orientation of our employees from day one.

As an employer, e.lective offers its employees the perfect setting for free development and personal and professional development. To this end, we provide various training opportunities and individual work concepts. Our idea of performance results from the promotion and demand of individual competencies towards professional excellence.

With the help of this mission statement, we can provide our customers with highly specialized teams for complex projects that can quickly adapt to changes in the project business.

Our values are mirrored in the way we work.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Based on our distinctive consulting competence and our structured approach following the V-model, our customers benefit from tailor-made solutions.

Norms and values

Our philosophy

Three central value patterns form the basis for our characteristic organizational structure.

Personal responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking

Keeping an eye on the big picture on our own responsibility, thinking outside the box and thus effectively contributing to overall success is an essential part of our daily work.

Customer satisfaction

As a competent partner for complex projects, we always keep our promises. Satisfied customers are our top priority and are therefore the focus of our daily work.

Awareness of innovation

We are a team of e-mobility accelerators. We ensure that technological change shapes the electrified future of tomorrow.

A glimpse behind the scenes

Our team

Employees from a wide variety of countries work for e.lective, from working students to graduates and experienced engineers. Almost every age group is represented with a wide variety of degrees and experiences. For this reason, we attach great importance to a fair and familiar atmosphere and support us with regular after-work events that meet every taste. As an employee, you can look forward to an atmosphere in which we communicate on an equal footing and gratefully integrate new ideas and feedback into our everyday lives.

Our Management