Standards for fair cooperation.

Taking responsibilies.

In the field of e-mobility, we face the increasing rights and the associated rights of responsibility. This includes combining our business activities with ethical principles and acting responsible in every aspect. The different principles form the foundation for our daily work.

Together with our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners, we create uniform standards for fair cooperation. To this end, we have introduced a compliance management system, established rules and summarized our standards in our code of conduct.

Compliance in day-to-day business

Responsible corporate management has been rooted in our self-image from day one. With the Code of Conduct, we want to convey the values ​​that we use to shape our day-to-day business to the outside world.

Our values are mirrored in the way we work.

Compliance affects everyone – including e.lective as a company itself, our employees as well as all business partners. With these binding regulations, uniform standards are created in order to promote joint cooperation.

Code of Conduct

Behavioral guidelines for all e.lective employees.

The Code of Conduct offers all e.lective employees a framework for their lawful behavior and creates uniform standards for decision-making in day-to-day cooperation. All of our employees’ options for action are brought into line with laws, regulations and guidelines in order to prevent wrong decisions.

Behavior within society

We prevent discrimination and are always committed to equality. In addition, we pay attention to sustainable environmental and climate protection as well as the efficient use of resources in day-to-day operations..

Behaviour in a business environment

e.lective and all employees undertake to know and comply with the laws and obligations that are relevant to them. We are also committed to fair competition and strictly stick to anti-corruption laws.

Handling of information

We are committed to the basic principles of data protection and IT security and strictly follow all applicable laws and regulations. All information that we receive in the course of our activities is classified and is subject to strict confidentiality requirements.

Code of Conduct for business partners

Behavioral guidelines for all customers, suppliers and persons who act on behalf of e.lective.

As part of its own compliance management system, e.lective is committed to honesty and integrity towards its employees, customers, suppliers and competitors as well as to the responsible use of resources. We also expect this from our business partners and for this reason have set out principles of conduct in our Code of Conduct for business partners.

Responsibility to Employees

We require our business partners to comply with the global regulations for the protection of fundamental human rights and to apply the legal provisions relating to discrimination and a safe work environment.

Behaviour in a business environment

Our business partners comply with all national and international laws and regulations. They are also committed to fair competition and do not participate in corruption or money laundering activities.

Responsibility in dealing with information and the environment

e.lective's business partners observe all applicable laws and regulations for the protection of personal data and handle secret information in the strictest of confidence. Our business partners pay attention to sustainable environmental and climate protection and the efficient use of resources in their day-to-day operations.

Compliance notices

Reporting procedures and contact points for possible violations.

The compliance whistleblower system and reporting process are an important part of our compliance management system. There are various contact points at e.lective in order to react appropriately to possible compliance violations. Our employees can contact their manager or the internal compliance officer at any time. Our compliance officer is also the contact person for our business partners.


Compliance documents

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Code of Coduct

Code of Coduct for business partners

Your contact person

Nicole Brettschneider
Compliance Officer

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